Breaking up is EASY to do?

by Neil Moncrief on September 16, 2008

Have you ever put off taking action because it was easier to do nothing, even though taking action would surely save money, improve your business, etc? If you’re like me, you prioritize tasks each week, doing the “most bang for the buck” projects first. Less significant projects, although they are easy to implement and fiscally responsible, may never rise to the top of your list – especially if those projects require you to leave your comfort zone.

My Avalanche for sale :(When it comes to my vehicles, I’m a man of long-term relationships. If I buy it, I’ll drive it ’til the wheels fall off. A few years ago I bought a new Chevy Avalanche. At the time, gas cost about $2.25/gallon. The Avalanche met all my basic transportation needs. I even added trailer brakes to aid in pulling our camper. Over the years, I spent a lot of time in it. You could say I was comfortable in the relationship. But as gas prices began to climb (and climb…), my feelings toward my truck slowly changed. I focused less on the features I loved and more on those I disliked, namely its cost of operation. Every time I filled the tank, at a cost of $100+, the gap between us grew. But out of convenience, I stayed in the relationship. (After all, who’d want to try to sell a gas guzzler in a market flooded with them?) Finally, after spending almost $120 on a single tank, I decided it was time to break it off!

Long story short… it took 3 weeks, but we finally parted ways. And because I didn’t want rising gas prices to end another perfectly good relationship, I bought something that gets 40+ mpg. Now that I’ve done it, my only regret is that it took me so long. I still leave Point A, consistently arriving at Point B. And when I do have to stop for gas, I no longer harbor ill feelings.

For some of you reading this, changing credit card processors sounds like what I went through with my Avalanche. You know you’re paying too much for a service that another processor could provide for less. You know that a better rate plan could save you anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars on every transaction, meaning big savings over the years. Or, maybe you just know you’re not getting the service you deserve. But the thought of spending 20 minutes on the phone completing an application just seems too inconvenient.

How long have you been reading this or other websites, knowing it’s time to make a clean break? Will you continue to “grin and bear it” every time you open another monthly statement? Or will you pick up the phone and finally do something about it?

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